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High pressure thick wall alloy elbow

High pressure thick wall alloy elbow

Factory prefabricated spool

Factory prefabricated spool

rectangular steel pipe

Q345B rectangular tube is also called Q345B rectangular tube, 16Mn rectangular tube, Q345 rectangular tube, square rectangular tube, rectangular tube, seamless rectangular tube, stainless steel rectangular tube, square rectangular tube, Q345B rectangular tube, large diameter thick wall rectangular tube, Q345C Rectangular pipe, stainless steel square rectangular steel pipe, seamless square rectangular steel pipe and other rectangular pipe products

Channel steel

H-shaped steel is a new type of economical construction steel. The section shape of H-shaped steel is economical and reasonable, and the mechanical properties are good. When rolling, the extension of each point on the section is relatively uniform and the internal stress is small. Compared with ordinary I-shaped steel, it has the advantages of large section modulus, light weight, and metal saving. It can make buildings The structure is reduced by 30-40%; and because the inside and outside of the legs are parallel, and the legs are at right angles, they can be assembled and combined into components, which can save welding and riveting workload by up to 25%. It is often used in large buildings (such as factories, high-rise buildings, etc.) that require large bearing capacity and good section stability, as well as bridges, ships, lifting and transportation machinery, equipment foundations, brackets, foundation piles, etc.

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